Go Pro Poker Membership Benefits Grid

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Detailed Feature Explanation

  • Feature #1: A gallery item will show the picture of the poker player with attributes like first/last-name, players nickname, country and state.
  • Feature #2: Go Pro Poker will promote poker players through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter at least once a month. Depending on the level of subscription and attendance of events by the poker player where Go Pro Poker is present, Go Pro Poker might create promotion videos to promote the poker player on social media platforms.
  • Feature #3: The player might provide Go Pro Poker with player statistics such as number of cash-outs, final tables to be published in the statistics section.
  • Feature #4: The player can provide a mission statement to be published in the Go Pro Poker profile of the player.
  • Feature #5: This includes a link to a web page chosen by the poker player. It can be any sites providing more detailed information about the poker player.
  • Feature #6: The poker player may provide up to one update for the Go Pro Poker profile page per month.
  • Feature #7: A list of poker rooms the player most often player or likes the most.
  • Feature #8: The player’s picture including a link to the players profile will show up on top of the gallery page alternating with other players of the ROYAL FLUSH level.
  • Feature #9: Go Pro Poker will list the events / tour schedule the player is going to attend.

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